1 briefs.
2 underwear.
* * *
nombre masculino
1→ {{link=eslip}}eslip
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SM (pl slips) [ez'lip]
1) (=calzoncillos) underpants pl , briefs pl
2) (=bañador) bathing trunks pl
* * *
(pl slips) masculino
1) (prenda interior)
a) (de hombre) underpants (pl), briefs (pl) (frml), pants (pl) (BrE)
b) (de mujer) panties (pl), briefs (pl) (frml), knickers (pl) (BrE)
2) (bañador) swimming trunks (pl)
* * *
(pl slips) masculino
1) (prenda interior)
a) (de hombre) underpants (pl), briefs (pl) (frml), pants (pl) (BrE)
b) (de mujer) panties (pl), briefs (pl) (frml), knickers (pl) (BrE)
2) (bañador) swimming trunks (pl)
* * *
SLIP (Protocolo de Internet para Conexiones en Serie)
= SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol).
Nota: En Internet, protocolo para conectar un ordenador a Internet a través de una línea telefónica y un modem.

Ex: SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol) is a standard for using a regular telephone line (a serial line) and a modem to connect a computer as a real Internet site.

* * *
(pl slips)
A (prenda interior)
1 (de hombre) underpants (pl), briefs (pl) (frml), pants (pl) (BrE)
2 (de mujer) panties (pl), knickers (pl) (BrE), briefs (pl) (frml)
B (bañador) swimming trunks (pl)
* * *

slip /(e)s'lip/ (pl
slips ) sustantivo masculino

1 (prenda interior)
a) (de hombre) underpants (pl), pants (pl) (BrE)

b) (de mujer) panties (pl), knickers (pl) (BrE)

2 (bañador) swimming trunks (pl)
slip sustantivo masculino (calzoncillo corto) pants, briefs
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* * *
slip [es'lip] (pl slips) nm
1. [calzoncillo] briefs [men' s];
compré un slip I bought some briefs, I bought a pair of briefs
2. [bañador] swimming trunks;
trae un slip bring some swimming trunks, bring a pair of swimming trunks
* * *
m underpants pl
* * *
slip nm
: briefs pl, underpants pl

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